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Aiko is an amazing piano player and an exceptional piano teacher.  She used her comprehensive knowledge of music and her wonderful personality and patience to inspire my daughter and son to love music. She taught our daughter for nine plus years and our son for six years.  Through those years my children learnt to play the piano and understand music theory.  Aiko instilled confidence in their piano playing through many recitals, while also pushing them to do their best.  We are so grateful to Aiko for her hard work and dedication. 
Luna and Jugma Bora
Livermore, CA


My daughter took piano lessons with Aiko Nomura for 10 years.  During that time, my daughter was motivated, comfortable and progressed well in piano technqiue, piano performance and music theory.  Aiko's well rounded music curriculum is founded in the music expertise she acquired while pursuing a graduate degree in music.  She is a very descriptive teacher, explaining to my child how to touch the piano as well as the type of feelings that emanate from one when playing the piano.  She has high standards, yet teaches positively.  She is precise, and demand's the student's attention on specific measures, phrases, and notes.  She integrates the theory into the teaching of a piece.  My daughter is motivated and has progressed well in piano due to Aiko's instruction.  I'm a serious amateur pianist with 12 years of piano instruction.  I admit to learning several new points of theory and technique while listeining to Aiko instruct my daughter.  I highly recommend Aiko as an instructor for both child and adult students.


"Aiko didn't merely teach my kids how to play piano. She taught them now to enjoy playing. She showed them how to appreciate music."


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